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Intro Session $25 • 1 visit • First-time, discounted session of Whole Body Cryotherapy with Cryo1one

1 Session $45 • 1 visit • A single session of Whole Body Cryotherapy will give your body the instant relief it needs from inflammation, soreness or insomnia. This quick, three minute treatment allows you to recover faster than traditional icing methods.

3 Sessions $120 • 3 visits •

Three sessions of Whole Body Cryotherapy will serve as a system reboot. Cryo1one encourages you to utilize all three sessions consecutively for optimal results. With three back-to-back sessions, your body will experience a drop in blood pressure, alleviation of joint pain and increased energy.

Group rates available

5 Sessions $175 • 5 visits • Five sessions of Whole Body Cryotherapy is a comprehensive approach to your sports injury recovery or post-intensive training. With five consecutive sessions, freshly oxygenated blood has flushed the area of inflammation and sends enriched blood back to the area of necessary repair. Group rates available

10 Sessions $275 • 10 visits •

Ten sessions of Whole Body Cryotherapy is the optimal number of sessions and exposure to see your body’s complete system rehabilitation and functional reset. Ten sessions will provide the ultimate cleanse and rehabilitation usually most beneficial for mommy postpartum, post-surgical recovery, begin skin rejuvenation (reduce cellulite) and jump start your metabolism.

Group rates available

20 Sessions $450 • 20 visits • Twenty sessions of Whole Body Cryotherapy is the most affordable package for families who would like to share cryo visits or individuals who utilize cryo regularly. Consecutive days of cryo use is highly recommended for maximum results such as decreased inflammation and swelling, increased energy and mood, and overall improved health. Group rates available

Cryo & IV Therapy (Available Select Saturdays) $150 • 1 visit

B-12 Shots (Available select Saturdays) $20 • 1 visit • Single B-12 shot

The Ride House Ride and Recover $175 • 5 visits • Ride and Recover: 5 Cryo sessions and 5 rides at The Ride House. Group rates available